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Product Designer with a strong focus on Inclusive Design

Originally published in the ‘Product Design Magazine’, #6, Poland

Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes [1]
― Christopher Bullock

Examining the year 2020 objectively, one must admit that it surely is an interesting year. It seems to confirm the hypothesis that the only fixed things in life “is Death and Taxes” — though, considering the recent scientific leaps taken in cryogenics, one can start scratching out “death” from that equation.

Until recently, we all had a considerably comfortable living. Having a sense of professional stability, one could plan a holiday in enjoyable surroundings, set…

Originally published in the ‘UX Magazyn’, 1st of September, Poland

People have different habits, needs, fears, and frustrations. Everyone has a different level of psycho-physical dexterity, skills, knowledge and experience, and this diversity makes us all unique in its own way. As designers, we should see this diversity and, step by step, try to eliminate its limitations on all possible levels, designing solutions in an inclusive way (Inclusive Design). It is therefore important that the technology used by the user, behaves and communicates with him in a proper way. …

If you think that it’s quite easy to run a team or collaborate within it, then you’re probably wrong. Each of your team members is a unique personality with its habits and a way of work — even you.

It’s good to understand what a team is. I bet that your first thought was “my team are my closest colleagues in my profession”. If yes, you couldn’t be more wrong. By definition, a team is a group of people that work together to achieve a common goal. So what’s a team? Well, if you think about a project and all…

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